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These are poems that I wrote over the past years.

These are poems that I wrote for loved ones and friends. And some I got back.

From The Begin’
(for Hotshot where my heart is.)
By Lacey Brewster

From the begin’ u had my heart
I don’t even know where to start.
For a long time I’ve been holding onto love
That seems to fly on the wingz of a dove.
A love that is so pure
I don’t even know if there’s a cure.
Even if there was one
I wouldn’t want non.
I want to keep the love I have now
Cause I don’t want to forget it, no way, no how.
I wish it would stay
Now, forever, and always.
The only thing that I know is true
Would have to be Aishiteru.
From the begin’ u had my heart
So I guess that would be a start.

I love you baby so much
now forever and always.
with Love from forever yours,
(Aishiteru is Japanese for I love you)
Is Love A Mystery
By Hotshot Idlett

To say love is fake, I would have to deny
Any feeling that exist in my heart and my mind.
But since I cannot speak un truthful remarks
There HAS to be love and care in my heart
So much in common, yet so much to know
Would it be worth risking to watch you go?
I’ve longed for years to understand why
My heart has hurt; I’ve never been happy. But now I
I figured it out. It was because I failed my part
A call for love, happiness, and an all around perfect start.
Nothing is perfect. but GOD we came so very, very close.
Can our love prevail? No one will ever know
At least, not until a sufficient amount of time has passed.
And so help us GOD, I hope our love lasts
Is love a mystery? Some people say it is.
But I like it that way, because of this:
Not knowing what’s gonna happen down the line.
The only guaranteed thing is that you will stay mine
This mystery will be solved in a matter of time, too.
Love will remain, grow, and stay forever between you and me.
Don’t ever cause a rip in my heart....
I don’t think I can handle it being ripped apart.
I don’t think you’d stoop to that low.
Because you ARE my heart ya know?
Hurting me would be ultimate suicide on your heart and soul
And as much as I love you, I can’t risk that tell
Live long and prosper my loving girl
And continue to shed light on my dark, mysterious world.
Key To My Heart
By Lacey Brewster

In your hands you hold the key that fits,
The very key to my heart.
Keep it somewhere safe.
Never let it go.
For you hold the key to my heart
Don’t lose the key to my heart.
You say you love me,
can we count the ways you do.
One, you write me letters.
Two, you kiss me when you can.
Three, you walk with me.
Four, you say "I love you".
I can see you do.
Take this key to my heart,
That I now give you to keep.
Keep it close,
Never let it go.
In Your Arms
(For Hotshot)
By Lacey Brewster

Outside the wind blows on
But here in your arms I am safe
As we lay here and await the dawn
The storms outside clash
The lightning strikes
The thunder rolls
The rain comes down
But here in your arms I’m safe
With every lightning strike
You hold me tight
Even though the thunder rolls,
You still have your hold,
As the storms go on.
As I lay here and await the dawn
I know here in your arms I’m safe.
Red Rose
(For Danny)
By Lacey Brewster

On this day I give you
A symbol so true
I give you a red rose.
To show you my love
And just because
Just for you a red rose.
It felt like so long ago
That I did not know you so
So here’s a red rose.
A rose just for you
A symbol so true
A red rose.
Emotions They Lead The Way
(For Larry King)
By Lacey Brewster

I've looked for so long
For someone just like you.
My heart hurts when ever your gone.
I don't know if you feel the same way about me too.
When I'm with you all else fades away
I wish I could just stay.
I was once told of emotions
That they lead the way to the heart.
The old saying was said
"Follow your own emotions they will lead you true".
Well I followed mine
And I was lead to you.
I'm proud to say your mine
Just like I'm proud to be yours.
Now that I see what its like
To have someone like you to call my own.
I will always follow my emotions.
Aishiteru my cowboy.
A Friend
(In dedication & in loving memory of A.K. Chanler)
By Lacey Brewster

A friend is like an angel.
They are there in times of need.
They are there in times of sadness.
A friend is very dear
Friends are always there.
Friends are always near.
They are there in times of loneliness.
They never look at you from an angle.
Angels do good deeds.
A friend is like an angel.
They are always there for you.
A friend is like an angel.