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Page 3 of the poems.

Just Open Your Eyes
By Lacey Brewster

The laughing joker and the clown
That is what they see
Because I refuse to frown,
But that is killing me.
They see me as an idiot
Why can’t I make them see
That this laughing idiot
Isn’t really me?
Maybe cause I laugh and smile
Always the class clown
I hide behind a smiling face,
That face doeth hide a frown.
They don’t see me as serious
They don’t think I can be
But if they looked closer here
They might see the real
Yes, I joke and laugh aloud
Yes, I act the fool
Yes, I break the rules.
But if you looked deep in my eyes
You’d see intelligence brew
I’ve had to learn the hard way
So laugh is what I do.
If I were not bright
And a dunce like you think you see
Then here would I be now
Claming victory?
No, it would not seem so
So let me make this clear
I am equal to your level,
But I don’t shout it for all to hear.
Just open your eyes.
O, Speak Again, Bright Angel
By Lacey Brewster

O, Speak Again, Bright Angel,
For your voice I love to hear
Angel wingz of white, divine
Your heart innocent, clear
I look into those crystal depths
And fall so deep with in
I’d fall back in again
The glowing halo of your hair
The softness of your skin
Your eyes of brown, though so strange
Hide knowledge deep within.
I long to hold you in my arms
To stroke your flowing hair
To kiss you deeply, not just chaste
For you to always be there.
I look on you, your glowing smile
Your skin white like a dove
I long to keep you in my heart
To tell you of my love.
Oceans Of Possibilities
by Lacey Brewster

His eyes, violet orbs
Are oceans of possibilities
I look in them and see his heart
And all its sensibilities.
I see that he is strong and pure
An innocent, that is true
He turns to me, words on his lips
And says; I love you!
My heart fairly bursts
With this truth being said
If he says it once again
Then surely I am dead.
For only heaven is this sweet
And only angels pure
In this world of hate and heat
Only love can endure.
Is this love that I have found
A love undying, pure
I look at him, his ocean eyes
And then with that, I am sure.
Wild, sweet fire burns my heart
But some how I survive
With love this heated and intense
I know I am alive.
The oceans take on new, strange depths
As I see him learn to feel
I know that love will pull us through,
But it all is surreal.
Through heaven, hell we travel
The test of life to pass
So once we reach eternity
Our love, I know, will last.
Rising & Setting of The Sun & Moon
By Lacey Brewster

The rising moon
Brings us a new.
A night we can share
Together forever.
The setting moon
We’ve gone out.
And shared a moment
Of love together.
The rising sun
We find each other.
Wrapped in the arms
Of our loved ones.
The setting sun
For the coming night.
Brings us a private moment
For each of us.
When all is said
And all is done
We are together
Brought only by our love.