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Page 4 of the poems.

By Lacey Brewster

Dripping away,
Slipping away.
Fading before my eyes.
Leaving my body.
I wish it would stay,
Forever and always.
As hard as I try.
I can’t get it to stop.
It just keeps slipping,
Drip, drip, dripping.
Shinigami has come.
I see him as I close my eyes.
He’s come for me,
Can’t you see?
It’s dripping away,
Slowly fading away.
Simply I Go
By Lacey Brewster

Simply will I stop this day
As simply as it is to pray
Like light to dusk turns
Not my burning fire burns
But I do take into my hand
A simple shining metal band
That sets my nerve endings a-light
With a fire I wish not to fight
But let consume my being whole
And take away from me my role
In this unforgiving and dreadful war
That I want no part of never more
So do I this day go
And leave all that I know
Everyone I cared for dear
And everyone that I held near
The vain bleeds red
The color of romance said
Dripping, drips onto the floor
Drips my life blood never more
For now it’s dried and I am dead
My sins never more rest upon my head
Simply has my life, my day
Gone from being red to gray
The blood, once flowing, has now ceased
My color graying at very least
As simply as my life began
Now I end it where I stand
Tore It All Apart
By Lacey Brewster

I told you how I felt
That you made my heart melt
And what did you do
You fooled around on it
You took my heart,
And tore it apart
How did it come to this
Why was I just dished
You thought you had it all
Well you just lose it all
All because you took my heart
And tore it all apart.
By Lacey Brewster

Why has it come to this,
What did I miss?
I thought you loved me.
But I not see,
It was all the same,
It was just a game.
You played with my heart,
And left it marked.
Of all the things to do,
How could you.
Take my life,
And watch it die?
You didn’t even cry,
And why?